Akhiyan De Taare Lyrics - Jatinder Shah


Akhiyan De Taare English Lyrics from the movie Love Punjab

sung by Kapil Sharma


Mainu darr lagda ae raatan nu
Mere nain tarasde chahtan nu
Main khush ho javanga
Main khush ho javanga
Bas haske takk laina..Akhiyan de taare nu
Ji tusi dil vich rakh laina (x2)Maa ae teri baanh te sir rakh
Soun di aadat ae
Baapu tere mode te beth
Goun di aadat ae (x2)Main Rabb nu takkeya nai
Main Rabb nu takkeya nai
Tusi mera pakh lainaAkhiyan de taare nu
Ji tusi dil vich rakh laina
Ji tusi dil vich rakh laina


Akhiyan De Taare Hindi Lyrics from Love Punjab

sung by Kapil Sharma


मेनू दार्दा लैग्डा एई राटन नु
मात्र नैन तारस्डे चाहटन नु
मुख्य खुश हो जावांगा
मुख्य खुश हो जावांगा
बस हैक टेक लैनिया..मायन डे तारे नु
Ji tusi dil vich rakh laina (x2) मा ए तेरी बाण ते सर रख
Soun di Aayat Ae
बापू तेरे मोड ते बेथ
गौन डी AAATAT एई (x2) मुख्य रब्ब nu takkeya nai
मुख्य रब्ब nu takkeya nai
तुसी मेरा पाख लैनएखियान डी तारे नु
Ji tusi dil vich rakh laina
Ji tusi dil vich rakh laina


About the Song

Akhiyan De Taare Song Info

Kapil Sharma

Love Punjab

Happy Raikoti

Jatinder Shah


Music Label
Rhythm Boyz


About the Album/Movie - Love Punjab

The story of Love Punjab revolves around a family in which husband and wife fights daily for small reasons and their son is only victim of these fights. After suffering from all these things, their son gets depression. Then a psychiatrist suggests them to go to Punjab. Eventually, grasping for a solution, his father announces they are all going to Punjab to help the child understand his heritage and his homeland. However before their arrival, the boy's relatives in Punjab transform the village with a huge 'western' makeover, while still attempting to hold on to all that makes Punjab great. After spending time in Punjab, the child begins to love it. Meanwhile the parents find themselves getting emotionally involved like they had not in a long while. They leave Punjab with a heavy heart, and head to Canada where the mother is set to be engaged to her friend. But during the ceremony she realizes her love for her husband and runs off. The parents express their love for each other, and a year later they are shown to be a happy family, with their son and a new daughter.



Which movie/album is the song Akhiyan De Taare from?
- The song Akhiyan De Taare is from Love Punjab


Who sang Jatinder Shah?
- The song Akhiyan De Taare is sung by Kapil Sharma


Which year did the movie Love Punjab release?
- Love Punjab was released in 2016


Which genre is the movie Love Punjab?
- Love Punjab falls in the following genres: Family


Who wrote the lyrics for the song Akhiyan De Taare?
- Happy Raikoti


Who is in the movie Love Punjab?

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