Dhai Akhar Lyrics - Mohammed Irfan


Dhai Akhar English Lyrics from the movie Ishq Click

sung by Mohammed Irfan


Dhai akhar prem kahaani
Bezubaan naino ki zubaani
Dhai akhar prem kahaani
Bezubaan naino ki zubaani
Padhte hi dil bas kho hi gaya
Jiska tha darr woh ho hi gaya (x2)O ho…Naina mere mujhse hi chhup ke baraste rahe
Phir bhi bezaar na huaa
Palke bicha bas ik jhalak teri paane ki khatir
Dhoondhe ye tera hi pataa
Na jaane isey kya huaaIshq hi aadat wahi purani
Thoda sa machla, kee nadaani (x2)Raaton ki neendein chura le gayaa
Jiska tha darr woh ho hi gayaa
O ho ho…Saansein bahe
Kuch na kahe… dhadke bekhabar
Kyun aitbaar na rahaa
Tham ke chale
Jismon ko khud se mila de ye shatir
Karde na koi ye khataa
Na jaane isey kya huaaPyar mein hoti hai manmaani
Padti hai keemat bhi chukaani (x2)Soye soye armaan jagaa ke gaya
Jiska dar tha woh ho hi gaya


Dhai Akhar Hindi Lyrics from Ishq Click

sung by Mohammed Irfan


ढई अकर प्रेम कहानी
बेजुबान नैैनो की जुबानी
ढई अकर प्रेम कहानी
बेजुबान नैैनो की जुबानी
Jiska tha darr woh hi hi gaya (x2) o ho ... नैना मात्र मुजसे हाय छप के बरस्ट राहे
Phir Bhi Bezaar Na Huaa
Palke Bicha Bas Ik Jhalak Teri Paane khatir
Dhoondhe तुम तेरा हाय पटा
ना Jaane Isey Kya Huaaishq हाय Aadat Wahi Purani
थोडा सा मच्छला, की नादानी (एक्स 2) रत्न की नींदीन चुरा ले गया
Jiska Tha Darr WOH HO HI GAYA
ओ हो हो ... Saansein Bahe
कुच ना कही ... ढाडे बेखबर
Kyun Aitbaar Na Rahaa
थम के चेल
Jismon ko khud se mila de ye shatir
Karde na koi ye khataa
ना Jaane Isey Kya Huaapyar Mein Hoti है Manmaani
पदती है कीमतम भी चुक्ति (एक्स 2) सोया सोया अरमान जगया के गया
Jiska Dar Tha WOH HO HI GAYA


About the Song

Dhai Akhar Song Info

Mohammed Irfan

Ishq Click

Anup Bajpai



Music Label
Zee Music Company


About the Album/Movie - Ishq Click

This is the story of Aditya a struggling photographer holidaying in the beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, where he meets a pretty girl Sophie and happens to click her while sight seeing. Post which he tries to befriend her but has many failed attempts. He also loses focus from his own career as he can see no one beyond Sophie in his life. On befriending Sophie he persuades her to try modelling in the City of dreams Mumbai. As luck would have it her stunningly perfect looks work well for her career making her one of the topmost models. However Aditya is yet to find his ground as his parents are pushy and career oriented pressuring Aditya to become serious with his career. He also hugely depends on Sophie for money, networking and personal gains. One fine day Aditya meets Ira daughter of a successful photographer Mr Mehta at a family event and soon turns to her for his personal benefits. Realizing the struggle that goes into becoming a successful photographer Aditya takes a shortcut by using his connect with Ira to climb up the career ladder. They get married and Aditya now achieves a decent career status. Ira the smart young woman of today, soon gets to know all about Adityas past. She also throws in a legal charge of infidelity against Aditya in support of Sophie. Meanwhile Adityas past haunts him and his guilt eats into his peace and he imagines that Sophie has committed suicide due to him. While in reality it is just Adityas guilty conscience that makes him hallucinate. What happens to Aditya when ex lovers team up together is something this love saga shall reveal in theatres soon.



Which movie/album is the song Dhai Akhar from?
- The song Dhai Akhar is from Ishq Click


Who sang Mohammed Irfan?
- The song Dhai Akhar is sung by Mohammed Irfan


Which year did the movie Ishq Click release?
- Ishq Click was released in 2016


Which genre is the movie Ishq Click?
- Ishq Click falls in the following genres: Drama, Romance


Who wrote the lyrics for the song Dhai Akhar?
- Anup Bajpai


Who is in the movie Ishq Click?

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