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Go Pagal

, Nindy Kaur English Lyrics from the movie Raftaar

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Nazron ke katte se maare tu goli re
Aisa zehar hai jo maare slowly re (x2)Tera rang udaaun
Pump chalaaun tujhe bhigaaun
Tere gaal ko laal banaaun
Kyunki aaj baby Holi haiGo pagal!
Go go go… GO pagal!
Go go go… holi hai
Go go go… GO pagal!
Go go go… holi haiBheegi bheegi lage lovely lovely
Lage rang mein tu kamli kamli
Tere peeche main amli amli
Chheene chaina…Thodi bhang toh chadh jaane de
Gadbad thodi badh jaane de
Kuch hoga na sadh jaane se
Holi hai na…GO pagal.. GO pagal..
Kahe tu kare neu pagal
Paani ka laga ke goggle
Na aaj milega towelMere sath mein toli hai
Aise ban mat bholi re
Bottle manne kholi kyunki
Aaj baby Holi haiGO pagal!
GO go go… GO pagal
GO go go… Holi hai
GO go go… GO pagal
GO go go… Holi haiTere iraadon pe pherungi paani re
Karne na doongi tujhe manmaani re (x2)Mujhko aur sataa na
Piche piche aa na
Bhanwre ki tarah mandrana
Band karde shaitani reHoli hai!GO pagal!GO go go… GO pagal
GO go go… Holi hai
GO go go… GO pagal
GO go go… Holi hai (x2)


Go Pagal

, Nindy Kaur Hindi Lyrics from Raftaar

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Nazron Ke Katte Se Maare Tu Goli Re
AISA zehar hai jo maare धीरे-धीरे पुनः (x2) तेरा रंग उडाआन
पंप चालाउन तुजे भिगाआन
तेरे गाल को लॉल बानाउन
Kyunki aaj बेबी होली हैगो पागल!
जाओ जाओ ... जाओ पागल!
जाओ जाओ जाओ ... होली है
जाओ जाओ ... जाओ पागल!
जाओ जाओ जाओ ... होली Haibheegi Bhegi Lage लवली प्यारी
लेगे रंग मीन तु कामली कामली
तेरे पीच मेन अमली अमली
छीने चेन ... थोडी भंग तोह चधेन डे
गद्दाबाद थोडी बदह जेन डे
कुच होगा न सद्घ जेन से
होली है ना ... मुगल जाओ .. जाओ मुगल ..
Kahe Tu Kare Neu Pagal
पैनी का लागा के गोगल
Na aaj milega towelmere साथ मी Toli Hai
ऐज बान मैट भोली रे
बोतल मैन खोली Kyunki
आज बेबी होली हैगो पागल!
जाओ जाओ ... जाओ पागल
जाओ जाओ जाओ ... होली है
जाओ जाओ ... जाओ पागल
जाओ जाओ जाओ ... होली हैटेरे इरादा पीई फेरुंगी पनी रे
करने न डूंगी तुजे मनमाणी रे (x2) मुज्को और सट्टा ना
पिच पिच एए ना
भंवर की तारा मंद्राना
बैंड कार्डे शैतानी ओहोली है! जाओ पागल! जाओ जाओ जाओ ... जाओ मुगल
जाओ जाओ जाओ ... होली है
जाओ जाओ ... जाओ पागल
जाओ जाओ जाओ ... होली है (x2)


About the Song

Go Pagal Song Info

Raftaar, Nindy Kaur

Jolly LLB 2

Raftaar, Manj Musik

Manj Musik

Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi



About the Album/Movie - Raftaar

City-based Vikram is hired as a Manager by Kumar, a wealthy businessman, and asked to report for duty to a distant town in rural India. Vikram arrives there and carries out his duties. He meets with pretty village belle Rani, and both fall in love with each other. When Kumar arrives for an inspection, he finds everything satisfactory, and asks Vikram to run an errand for him out of town. A few days later, Kumar comes to know that Vikram has been arrested by the police, found guilty by the courts, and sentenced to a year in jail. A year later when Vikram is released he finds that Rani is missing, and believed to be dead. A devastated Vikram attempts to try and put his life together when some hoodlums attack him - with a view to kill him. Vikram escapes, but is seriously wounded, and is looked after by a band of gypsies. After Vikram recovers, he re-locates to the city together with a woman named Radha and her child, in order to help her find her missing husband. It is then he comes across Rani and Kumar. But this time Rani claims that she is Rita, and has nothing to do with him. Vikram must now get to the bottom of this mystery and find out if Rani really is deceased, and if not, then who exactly is Rita, and what is her relationship with Kumar?



Which movie/album is the song Go Pagal

, Nindy Kaur from?
- The song Go Pagal

, Nindy Kaur is from Raftaar


Who sang Nindy Kaur?
- The song Go Pagal

, Nindy Kaur is sung by


Which year did the movie Raftaar release?
- Raftaar was released in 1975


Which genre is the movie Raftaar?
- Raftaar falls in the following genres: Drama


Who wrote the lyrics for the song Go Pagal

, Nindy Kaur?


Who is in the movie Raftaar?

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